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Trustees meeting January 25th 2011

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At Village Hall

Tuesday 25th January 2011 at 7.15


  1. Attendees:

Rob Summers (Chairman), Paul Galloway (Hon Treasurer), Ted Townsend (Hon Secretary), Eleanor Wood, Peter Rugg, Kimmo Evans, Liz Gosling, Sue Gush, Paul Forster, Neville Cheeseman, Janet Coman

  1. Apologies:


  1. Minutes of the meeting on 15th December 2010

Approved, (with one correction) signed and released to website

  1. Matters Arising:


  1. Correspondence:
  • A draft return to the National Lottery of the actual costs of building the car park was approved in principle. It will be submitted by Jan Coman.

Action Jan Coman

  1. Secretary:

  • AGM agenda

    • officers retiring (2006 appointments) and standing for re-election
      • Paul Forster

      • Ted Townsend (replaced Geoff Elliott during the year)
      • Kimmo Evans

      • All were willing to stand again

    • Note the 2012 retirements will be Janet Coman and Paul Galloway

  • Charity Commissioners Annual Return

The Secretary agreed to process this ASAP, using the online service

Action Ted Townsend

  1. Sub-Committee reports:

Finance and General Purposes:

  • Treasurer’s Report

The accounts, being audited, were explained and approved for presentation to the AGM. Sums received for Umborne Bonds were excluded in Income, as they were loans. The £13,100 cash raised was, however, included in declared funds in the balance sheet and shown as a liability, recognizing the need for repayment.

  • Bonds

The mechanisms for paying interest on the bonds and selecting bonds for repayment were reviewed and agreed. Details will appear in the AGM minutes.

  • Hall Project Costs

It was agreed to present the position as reported on 15th December, which has not changed.

Entertainment and Fundraising:

The calendar of future events is:

    • Sun 13th March Grizzly (marshalling)
    • Sat 19th March @7.30 Theme Night (Theme is “P…”)
    • Wed 13th April @ 2.00pm Police X-country (marshalling)
    • Sat 11th June @6.00pm Umborne Ug – followed by BBQ

New Hall Development:

Floor Now completed at a cost of only £94 for nails. John Hewson was thanked for an outstanding job.

Curtains Helen Redwood and the ‘ladies behind the curtains’ have done a marvellous job. One final curtain only remains to be hung. The cost is £757 – largely due to the requirement that the curtains be fire-resistant. Certificates of fire-resistance have been received. It was agreed that the curtains were a fitting-out item and would not be treated as part of the building project.

Action Paul Galloway

Kitchen The spare part for the cooker has now arrived and the cooker will be installed soon. It will require bonding. The funds put aside for final CDM bills can be used for this, as they are no longer required.

Once the cooker is bonded, we can apply to the Building Control Office for a final certificate. This confirms that the building in its entirety is safe for use.

Action Paul Forster

  1. Any Other Business:

Occupancy and Cleaning It is already clear that the new hall will see a much higher level of utilisation than the old one. In view of this, the need to formalise some arrangement for cleaners was discussed and agreed. Agreed to place an advertisement on the website and email it to residents.

It was agreed that the bookings secretary would inform prospective users that a pre-clean arrangement could be offered should they wish to pay the additional cost. Detailed terms need to be agreed. Once they have, they will be added to the Bookings Form.

Action Ted Townsend

The toilets and kitchen need a good clean now that building work is complete and need to be provided with (identified, separate and colour-coded) sets of cleaning materials.

With the AGM looming, there was insufficient time to complete this discussion, which will be carried forward to the next meeting.

Next Meeting:

[Noting and avoiding the dates of STAG rehearsals] Wednesday 9th March at 7.30 in the hall.