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Theme Night at the Hall

15 February 2011 594 views No Comment
Our latest social event in the Hall was our Theme Night on Saturday 19th March at 7.30pm.and it attracted 67 local adults.
The theme this year – the first such night we have had for two years because there was no hall this time last year! – was P for Party! That meant that the theme was the letter P.

Most people did dress up for the occasion and came as somebody connected with P (plumber, painter,photographer, prime minister, policeman, pilot, postman, politician, pilot, pope) or just simply a person or people.The costume winners were Antonia as a Primrose and John P as a Pirate.

The food was P based – no, not those peas! :

Starters: Potage ( OK soup to most of us!),

Main Course: Ploughman’s.

followed by: Puddings.
Many thanks to all who made the wonderful soups and puddings.

There was fun and games, ( a picture quiz won with 24/25 and a word game on the letter P won with 80/100 – well done to those two Teams)
The plentiful raffle  raised £163 – well done Tony & Antonia and Eleanor’s Irish Bingo game raised £66 of which it was agreed that half should be sent to Red Nose Day. With all this for only £8 per person, it was pleasantly surprising that a profit of £700 was made, £33 for Red Nose Day and £667 for the hall funds.
Thanks for your fantastic support and hope you enjoyed the evening- Rick & Eleanor Wood