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Old Maps

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If you click on any of the maps and Lot details, they will appear in a larger format on a separate page. You can enlarge it again by clicking once more on that page (if it has a + sign).

The following maps and Lot details are from the Sale by Auction of the Shute Estate in 1929:

The following  maps are dated 1904:

Seaton Junction

East of Deer Park

Shute Deer Park

southeast of Little Umborne

Shute Marsh

south of Pottlelake to Parehayne

Big Umborne to Parkhayne

Patches to Lower Watchcombe

Lexhayne Lane north of Railway

Axminster to Exeter. road map. 1720 Owen & Bowen Britannia Depicta

road map-Axminster, Kilmington, Honiton. 1818 Edward Mogg

Rick Wood