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Umborne Trustees Minutes April 2010

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Meeting at Woodland View

Wednesday, 21 April, 2010, at 8pm

Attended by Rob Summers (chairman), Paul Galloway (treasurer), Sue Gush, Janet Coman, Peter Rugg, Ted Townsend, Eleanor Wood, Kimmo Evans, Neville Cheeseman.

Apologies: Liz Gosling, Paul Forster

Minutes of the meeting on 16 March were approved.

Matters Arising:

KE to take minutes in absence of new secretary, to be confirmed.

PG confirmed insurance in place for site at £892.50. Copies required for contractors etc.

SG confirmed Parish Council had made its donations.

SG is checking off contacts against the list of names. Trustees to also feedback any other contact details.


Letter from E Miller (S.T.A.G) offering support to new build ahead of proposed block booking later in year. ACTION TT to respond thanking their proposed support but state that we cannot guarantee completion of hall and associated approvals in place for public use and that we have as yet to agree final fee rates.

Reports from Sub-Committees:

Finance and General Purposes: PG reported that income from bonds and gift aid totalled £10,650 and £3,280 respectively. Rick Wood doing well with updates but we need to continue promoting e.g through email updates, website and Parish Magazine. Building funds available £73,439

Grants banked include £9k from East Devon AONB Sustainable Development Fund, with an additional £3153.81 provided on the evening (total £12,153.81 from East Devon AONB) and £21,100 (of the £27,000 Community Council for Devon and EDDC monies).

ACRES £8k approved and available (to be paid back on an annual basis over 8 years).

JC reported application for £8k to Awards for All to cover landscaping.car park costs still pending decision.

ACTION: TT update cashflow projection spreadsheet for next meeting.

Entertainment and Fundraising: EW confirmed we were presented with £1000 cheque for our support to the Grizzly – our biggest ever. Well done to all volunteers and volunteer co-ordinators..

Umborne Ug, Sunday, 13 June- Marshal request to follow. ACTION RS: to check toilets situation

LG to update on Steam-Up, Saturday, 3 July at next meeting.

Summer barbecue, Little Yardbury, Saturday, 17 July update next meeting.

RS reported that Phil Bird YFC would like to organise a fundraising fun horse ride. All agreed this was excellent idea. More details to follow.

Discussion re opening ceremony. Agreed the main event will be a community event. ACTION RS to acknowledge offer from HFW and that an additional event could be organised.

New Hall Development: PF had undertaken a lot of work to ensure Building Regs requirements and site safety requirements all in place. PF and others involved in site meetings etc all thanked.

RS acknowledged support from community to assist with the footings. A lot of pre-site work undertaken, Brian Chidley, Bernard Fry amongst others and good progress has been made. Additional support will be needed to prepare blocks for contractors and then levelling with sand over membrane round about May Bank Hol. Harris will then come on site. Rick Wood will use email alerts to keep people informed of progress.

EW proposed thanks also to RS for always seeming to be on site!


Bill Corr, apologies for not being available as working away midweek. KE reported on his behalf. The switch to web-based content management, which would mean anyone could update the site, is underway. He is also liaising with Rick Wood. PG requested any costs being incurred for transferring website to be presented to him for payment. KE to discuss with BC costings for some IT equipment in the new hall as per previous discussions relating to Neil Shepherd memorial contribution.

Any Other Business:

KE confirmed that gift to GE is in preparation.

Advertise for interest in being new secretary in Parish Mag.

PR was thanked for his hospitality.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 19 May at 8pm in Pear Tree Cottage.

KE gave is apology for absence.

The meeting closed at 9:30 pm