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Top businesses run by top people

Here you will find a list of businesses who have local roots or strong connections to the Umborne Valley. Please contact us if you would like your business to be listed here. A donation to Hall funds would be greatly appreciated.

Devon Country Carriages There are few moments on a wedding day when the bride and groom have a chance to relax on their own together, glass of champagne in hand, sit back and soak in the events of the day… more.
Lilylake Farm Eggs “Very” freerange eggs available. At Lilylake Farm, Umborne. Frank and Debbie have a few hens and normally have eggs for sale. Give Debbie a quick call to see what she has available today.
Naturalwatt for Renewable Energy Nautralwatt for all your renewable energy needs. Co-founded by valley resident Neil Shepherd, Naturalwatt install and support solar electricity, solar hot water, and, wind turbines. Have a browse of their website or contact Janet Coman here.
Pottlelake Pots From her studio in Pottlelake, Umborne, Gilly Humphreys produces a wide variety of pots, plates, jugs, and other creatures. Have a browse of her website and then contact Gilly for a unique gift.